March 2018

Coming Together for a Greater Good – Our Chance for Restitution

By Apoorva Joshi (Contributor, PhD Student, Michigan State University)

About a decade ago, a team of volunteers was wrapping up the first-ever study of gharials in India’s north-western state of Rajasthan. Traversing a 100-kilometre reach of the Chambal river’s bank on foot, this expedition was a novel attempt to record primary information about the gharial – a critically endangered species of crocodile inhabiting this mesmerising yet, at times, unforgiving terrain of the National Chambal Sanctuary. Read More


Knowledge gathered from 2017 Global Landscape Forum (GLF)

By Annita Kirwa, UNU-EHS

Landscapes, scenic and unique abounded the topic of discussion during the Global Landscape Forum, a platform to build dialogue and discussion on integrated land use management. During the two-day forum, held in Bonn, Germany, world leaders, practitioners, private sector representatives, scientists, members of civil society and the media came together to accelerate action for a more sustainable world. Read More