May 2018

Place, People, Ideas: The SGS Experience

By-  PAOLOREGEL B. Samonte (UNU-IAS M.Sc Student)

Loud, buzzing sounds of people chitchatting could still be heard across the huge symposium hall when Jason George, the three-time winner of the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award, stepped onto the stage. Commanding the whole room with his outstanding stage presence and eloquence, the hall was suddenly quiet; the 48th St. Gallen Symposium (SGS) has officially begun. Seated at a convenient location somewhere in the middle of the gathered crowd, I looked around. As I tried to get a nice look of the faces of the inspiring young people I will be with for the next three days—some familiar and some yet unknown—I was amazed by how one can be surrounded with so much promise and talent. Read more

Eco-tourism in Himeshima Island

By- TAMARA, Luisce(UNU-IAS M.Sc Student)

In southern Japan in the northeast corner of Kyushu Island, lies a tiny island called Himeshima which literally translates to “Princess Island”. Although unknown to most of the world, this little island has become popular in the region and has been gaining more national attention. Traditionally, the island is famous for its scenic views, onsen, food, and butterflies. Yes, butterflies! Read More

Sustainable Development: Is it possible? A conversation with Helen Clark

By- TAMARA, Luisce(UNU-IAS M.Sc Student)

On May 21st, the UNU Headquarters in Tokyo hosted a conversation with Ms. Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and former Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme. The event was titled “Sustainable Development: Is It Possible?”. The conversation was facilitated by Mr. Sebastian von Einsiedel, Director of the UNU Centre for Policy Research and the main topic was the implementation challenges of the 2030 Agenda and the steps that governments and the United Nations must take to overcome them. Read More