June 2018

By-  PAOLOREGEL B. Samonte (UNU-IAS M.Sc Student)

TOKYO, Japan—With the theme “Human Rights at a Crossroads: Navigating New Challenges and Sustaining Past Successes”, the United Nations University (UNU) hosted a conversation with Andrew Gilmour, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, last June 5 at the UNU Headquarters. As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) turn 70 this year, the event spotlighted the UDHR’s incredible achievements over the years and tackled ways to deal with contemporary challenges hindering its progress. Read more


By-  OLUWATOISN O. Oluwatosn  (UNU-EHS M.Sc Student)

Photo Creidt: By-  Garett Gabriel

Over the years, humans have dominated the world with remarkable transitions and inventions across all spheres of life. However, its influence in stopping the increasing degradation of land still proves to be ineffective. Land is everything and it’s one of the world’s most appreciable assets. Nonetheless, the complex interaction between social, economic, and environmental factors has been adversely shaping its condition, which calls for immediate action. Reads more