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Editorial Note:

Voices under the radar
I dare say that the UNU Peace and Progress has never been this ambitious yet since its
inception in 2013. For one, the journal only reopened its doors for publication this year
following a two-year hiatus (the last issue was published in 2016). In the months leading to
this publication’s release, the Board also produced a total of three bi-monthly Transforming
Our World newsletters relating to each of UNU’s thematic clusters for 2015 to 2019: Peace
and Governance (Jan-Feb 2019); Global Development and Inclusion (Mar-Apr 2019); and
Environment, Climate, and Energy (May-Jun 2019).
The decision to produce both journal and newsletter publications resulted in amendments to
the UPP’s original organizational structure. Whereas there were only the EIC and Editors in
the previous Boards, this year saw the development of more distinct roles fitted to the Board’s
growing mandate. The UPP website, meanwhile, was given a fresher, more modern spin to
adapt to changes in today’s design and digital trends……. Read More


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May-June 2019 Newsletter Publication is here!

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UNU Peace and Progress (UPP) is a peer-reviewed student journal created and operated by the postgraduate students of the United Nations University (UNU). UPP was founded in 2013 under the belief that students can offer innovative views on pressing global issues. This Journal seeks to share these views with the world. Members of the Editorial Board are all students of the UNU. The UPP is released every academic semester corresponding to the University’s academic calendar. Special issues surrounding a particular theme may also be released. The work of the UPP seeks to promote the objectives set out by the Charter of the United Nations University Article 1, Paragraphs 2, 3 and 4:

2. The University shall devote its work to research into the pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations and its agencies, with due attention to the social sciences and the humanities as well as natural sciences, pure and applied.

3. The research programme of the institutions of the University shall include, among other subjects, coexistence between peoples having different cultures, languages and social systems; peaceful relations between States and the maintenance of peace and security; human rights; economic and social change and development; the environment and the proper use of resources; basic scientific research and the application of the results of science and technology in the interests of development; universal human values related to the improvement of the quality of life.

4. The University shall disseminate the knowledge gained in its activities to the United Nations and its agencies, to scholars and to the public, in order to increase dynamic interaction in the world-wide community of learning and research.

UPP draws its inspiration from Secretary-General U Thant’s 1969 proposal for a UN academic institution that was “truly international and devoted to the Charter objectives of peace and progress.” Now over 40 years old, the UNU’s 15 programmes and institutes across 13 countries combine the methodological rigor of natural and physical sciences with insights from social sciences and humanities. The UPP is published free online every academic semester corresponding to the University’s academic calendar. Special issues surrounding a particular theme may also be released.



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