Help with Application (FAQ?)

For more details about how to apply for a UNU-IAS programme, please visit the Admissions sections under the UNU-IAS Postgraduate Programmes.

First section show a short summary of UNU-IAS programme application process. View details below to get a better understanding on how to apply for one of the UNU-IAS Postgraduate Programmes.

How to Apply?

All submissions for the UNU-IAS Postgraduate Programme must be made through the UNU-IAS Applications system.

  1. You can download a sample of the online application form to prepare the submission.
  2. Once you have prepared your submissions, you then fill out the application form online and upload all of the prepared and required documents.
  3. When you have completed all of the sections of the application form then you can submit your online application.

Each course have some requirements that must be met before an application is accepted. Please read the application carefully and make sure you have included all of the necessary steps. Please find some of the common required items listed here.

  • Excellent written and verbal English language skills are required
  • Name of applicant
  • Contact information such as email, phone number and address
  • A recent portrait photo
  • Own written essays, articles and presentations
  • Letter of recommendation from referee(s)
  • Health certificate
  • Other required information particular to the courses and programmes

You must first create an account before you can view and submit the online application form. To create an account please view this page and fill in an username and email.

The account creation process may take some time. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your account has been approved with further instructions. 

When you create an account you must enter a valid email address. A confirmation email with your account details and your account pending admin approval will be sent rather quickly. Make sure you have received this confirmation email and check if your email providers spam filter setting will allow email from "UNU-IAS Applications"! It is required that you have a valid email account to which we can send your login details and account approval confirmation.

Due to the high volume of courses-related correspondence we receive daily, UNU is unfortunately not in a position to acknowledge receipt of your application nor respond to queries regarding information already provided in the course brochure or on this web site. At the initial selection stage, we therefore cannot answer your specific questions or general enquiries. We will only contact you if you have been short-listed for participation.


Help with my current Application (How to?)

Below is an overview of some common FAQ:

No all documents must be submitted online via your online application. We do not accept any email application documents at this point. Please try to reduce the size of the file you are uploading. See the questions below with suggestions on how to reduce the file size.  

  • Please use computers provided at school, libraries, internet cafes, or by a friend which have better internet connection. PLEASE view Graduate Degree FAQ HERE
  • Please verify you are trying to upload a proper limited file size. The file size should be relative small and less than the maximum allowed upload size (i.e. 2MB). 

This could be one of many reasons. Please go through the following list and check them one by one:

  • Your file have an actual filename with ".pdf" or ".doc" attached to the end. The filename must include a "period" and a filetype such as "doc" or "pdf" or "zip" in the end.
  • When you click the upload file button, wait for the upload to complete before visiting other pages. Once the file has been uploaded, the filename and a remove button will appear.
  • Check if any error message is show, after the upload button was pressed. Please follow those instructions and correct any indicated problems.
  • Try a fresh reload of the page with: Click "Save Draft" button. Click the logout button and then re-login to your account. Visit the file upload area. Try the upload again.
  • Your browser is a recent version of Firefox or Internet Explorer and has a clean cache and supports any JavaScript.

If you still have problem with upload, please try each of the following steps:

  • Click the logout button. 
  • Remove your past browser history and cookies. If possible try the application from another browser. 
  • Verify that your browser is a recent version of Firefox or Google Chrome and has a clean cache and supports JavaScript. 
  • Then re-login to your account. Go through the form and revisit the page where the problem occurred. 
  • Make sure you wait for the file upload to fully complete (filename and a remove button will show.) If you have problems here then try and reduce the filesize. See more below under "I am trying to upload a file but..."
  • If problem still occur: Try a fresh reload of the page with: Click "Save Draft" button. Hold down shift or control key and click reload browser window page. Then revisit the troubled page.
  • Make sure you check if any error message is show, after the Upload or Next Page or Save Draft button was pressed. Please follow those instructions and correct any indicated problems.
  • For multiple files you can combine your files with zip compression tool into one file and upload one zip file.
  • You can also upload any additional documents to your application under the last section called:  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. This section will  allow larger file size as well.

Please go through the following list and check them one by one:

  • Try and minimize the document file size. Usually you can save a pdf with less quality (if needed, less than 50% is fine) and this way reduce the file size. (I.e. Example here of ways to reduce pdf file size.)
  • Text vs images. If you have a text version of your document it will always be smaller than a scanned image file. 
  • Images. If you are trying to upload an image file, please convert the file to a format that can be compressed. (I.e. file format such as jpg.)
  • Use black and white instead of color copies when you scan or save your documents to reduce the file size.
  • Scanned documents are usual 100% or more in quality. Try and reduce the quality of the scanned document.
  • You can also try to zip your document file and upload a compressed zip file.
When your account was activated you received an email with the one time login link. This link and login can only be used ONE time. When you click the link a page with a login button will show. This login will give you access to your profile page where you can set your password. After you have entered your password twice click the Save button at the bottom of the page. You have now set your new password. Please remember this along with your username!
If you still have difficulties with the login after this please go through and try the following:


  • When you have used the ONE time login link please delete the received email and remember your new password.
  • You can request a new ONE time login with the Request new password option.
  • Please note that only the latest request (ONE time login) email will work. A new request will make past unused ONE time login invalid.
  • Once a request is made it may take some time to receive the email! Please be patient and do not make multiple requests.
  • If you still have difficulties please remove past browser history and cookies. If possible try the application from another browser.