VOLUME 1 (2013)

Full Issue

Editorial (LEE, Soohyun)

“Transitional Justice in Sierra Leone: A Critical Analysis” (YOUNG, Graeme)

“International Trade and Food Security: Can Agrobiodiversity Reconcile Both?”;(FERNÁNDEZ-WULFF, Paula)

“How Well has the Causality of the Conflict in East Timor been Reflected in its UN Peacebuilding Experience?” (CHAOBANG, Ai)

“‘Local Ownership’ in Peacebuilding- a Premature Rhetoric?” (WONG, Pearly)


VOLUME 2 (2014)

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Editorial (BRINK, Hellin)

“Public Loss and Damage Inventories to Reduce Disaster Risk in Poor Countries: The Assessment of Climate-Change-Related Extreme Events in Myanmar” (WEALER, Philippe)

“Challenges for Civil-Military Cooperation in Peace Support Operations: Examining the Framework of Comprehensive Approaches” (PAREPA, Laura-Anca)

“Transforming Environmental Values through Ecosystem Payments: Ecuador’s Socio Bosque Programme” (LANDRETH, Nicholas)

“Economic and Legal Obstructions to Nuclear Safety Culture in International Law: A Study of Fukushima Daiichi” (LEE, Soohyun)


VOLUME 3 (2016)

Full Issue

Editorial (SORIANO, Mario)

“Rethinking the Relationship of Migration, Environment, and Peace and Security” (PISCANO, Marie Frances)

“Assessment of Changes in the Water Resources Budget and Hydrological Regime of the Pampanga River Basin (Philippines) due to Climate Change” (LAPIDEZ, John Phillip)

“Barriers in scaled climate change adaptation policy in the Philippines” (DE LEON, Eryn Gayle)

“Healthcare Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: Focusing on community-based delivery (CBD) of health services and the development of local research institutes” (ZEKENG, Elsa)

“Legality of the 1989 Panama Invasion and the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ doctrine” (DAM, Rodolfo)